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J2EE Code Generator

The J2EE code generator tool allows you to generate Java code for a persistence tier from existing tables in your database. The tool will reverse-engineer your tables into EJB 3.0 annotated Java classes or JDBC access layer code. The following output formats are currently supported:

  • POJO - Plain Old Java Object class files.
  • POJO + EJB 3.0 - Pojo class files with EJB 3.0 annotations.
  • JDBC - Complete JDBC access layer implementing CRUD functionality using the DAO pattern.
  • JUnit tests - JUnit tests for EJB 3.0 annotated entities and the JDBC access layer.

This feature can be used with any database supported by DB Solo; Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Vertica, PostgreSQL and Solid.

For detailed information about the feature, please view the User Documentation.


The code generator provides dozens of configuration parameters that allow you to tweak the output of the tool. Configuration options contain both generic properties as well as object-specific attirbutes, such as which columns will code be generated for.

The J2EE code generator also contains a configurable Java pretty-printer that will process all output files so that they will adhere to the coding standars of your organization.

Figure - General Settings

The object level setting screen allows you to change the behavior of individual classes and their properties and relationships.

Figure - Object Level Settings


The generated output files can be viewed in the generator tool itself, a feature that allows you to look at the output, go back in the wizard to modify your settings and regenerate the files using the new settings.


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